Drivers 'reminded' to rejoin safely

Thursday 24-July-2014 06:17

Following Kimi Raikkonen's heavy crash at the British GP, all the drivers have been spoken to about how they return to the track.

Raikkonen came in for some criticism when the Ferrari driver went off at Wellington Straight only to return to the track at pace and while others were racing by.

The Finn subsequently hit a bump and crashed out of the grand prix.

The FIA opted not to penalise him, believing he had done what any other driver would do.

The drivers, though, have subsequently been spoken to by race director Charlie Whiting about the manner in which they returned to the action.

He told Autosport: "There is no policy change, the standard policy is written in the rules, any driver having left the track may rejoin but must do so safely and without gaining any advantage.

"It was my view that Kimi did not rejoin very safely and should have taken more care.

"All the drivers were reminded that when rejoining across grass they must take care and cannot expect it to be manicured like a football pitch. It simply isn't feasible."

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