Capelli keen to secure Monza's future

Friday 25-July-2014 12:04

Former F1 driver Ivan Capelli is determined to ensure Monza remains on the Formula 1 calendar but admits upgrades are needed.

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone recently cast doubt over Monza's future, saying it is not financial viable for the sport.

He told Gazzetta dello Sport: "I don't think we'll do another contract, as the old one has been disastrous for us from a commercial point of view. So it's bye-bye after 2016."

However, Capelli, who was recently elected to the board of directors of the Automobile Club of Milan, who manage the Monza circuit, says he plans to do everything he can to ensure F1 returns to Monza.

"I read in the newspapers that Bernie was not happy about the commercial agreement that he had before," he told Autosport.

"I didn't have any opportunity until now to have a chat with him, but I suppose in the next few weeks there will probably be an opportunity to exchange some ideas with him.

"Plus next week, there will be the first official meeting about that, and obviously we are keen to continue with what we have done until now.

"Monza is historically one of the oldest grands prix and we would like to continue after 2015, knowing that Bernie is always pushing everybody in his direction."

The 51-year-old, though, did concede that Monza must move with the times and that investment is needed to upgrade the facilities.

"I think that Monza needs to do a step forward because it is not possible that Monza lives as it does," he said.

"It must produce something to improve its situation. I think that for the teams, the garages are average for F1 now. We also have to do a lot for the spectators, that is one of the objectives."

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