Horner: Vettel absolutely committed

Saturday 26-July-2014 08:02

Christian Horner is confident Sebastian Vettel is happy with Red Bull and is not looking for a new team.

In recent days, the four-time World Champion, who has yet to win a grand prix this season, has been linked to a move to Mercedes.

The Championship leaders reportedly want to bring Vettel on board, teaming him up with Nico Rosberg in an all-German power-house.

Vettel has denied he's interested while Horner is adamant his driver is "absolutely committed" to Red Bull Racing.

"Well usually it's the start of the silly season where he's either going to Ferrari or Eric's made him a big offer or maybe going to Mercedes," said the Red Bull team boss. "So, we just wait to see which team it's going to be.

"But no, Sebastian's absolutely committed to the team, there's no doubt at all that he'll be with Red Bull next year and he's enjoyed so much success with the team, he's happy in the team and the team are very happy with him.

"We know we've got a lot to do. None of us are comfortable or happy with the situation that we're currently in - but, y'know, we're in it together and we'll work our way through it."

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