Button downplays rumours

Saturday 26-July-2014 11:39

Despite both Fernando Alonso and Seb Vettel being linked to his McLaren seat, Jenson Button is not at all worried about his future.

This season has once again proven to be a trying one for McLaren as glimpses of pace have been followed by moments of the mundane.

This has led to CEO Ron Dennis publicly urging Button to "try harder" and to use the ability that won him the 2009 title to push McLaren forward.

However, if you ask Button, he'll give himself a perfect score for his season.

"I would give myself 10 out of 10!" he told the official F1 website with a laugh.

"You have to have confidence in your ability, so in terms of working with the team this year and developing the car and finding a direction, I am very happy with what I've done.

"I had some fun at some of the races - like in Melbourne, coming through - or in Silverstone: that too was a race I very much enjoyed. And that is important for me."

He added: "I don't really think about things that I can't control. There are so many variables - and sometimes these go to your advantage and sometimes not. That's Formula One."

As for reports that he could be on his way out with both Alonso and Vettel linked to his race-seat, the Brit says that is all speculation.

"I do feel very much part of this team. I have worked with them for many years.

"For me I don't understand why Sebastian should want to leave Red Bull - and Fernando has a long-term contract with Ferrari so I don't see that. But true, that's good rumour!"

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