Sauber sticking with Ferrari power

Friday 08-August-2014 06:21

Sauber will continue with Ferrari engines in 2015 despite their current Ferrari-powered challenger lacking in both pace and points.

Sauber have yet to get off the mark this season, a worry for the Hinwil team who even trail Marussia in the Championship.

Although some of the responsibility rests with Sauber's C33, Ferrari's engine is also to blame as it is lacking in performance compared to the likes of the Mercedes unit.

"It is one of the major factors," Kaltenborn conceded in an interview with the official F1 website, "but I don't think it is as easy as saying it is somebody else's fault.

"We always have to look at ourselves first and, being very honest about it, this car is definitely not one of the better cars that we've built. This has its reasons and we know them.

"Yes, the engine is a major factor - the driveability of the engine - but because it wasn't right from the beginning that doesn't mean that you give up.

"We have a very long lasting partnership with Ferrari and in all these years we've gone through good and not such good times, but you stick together and get through it."

The Sauber team boss says there won't be any finger pointing but rather a concerted effort to improve the situation.

"We've never done that," she said. "If we have times when maybe things didn't go so well, I can very openly say that there. And we've always managed to get through these times together.

"I am very sure that if I am unhappy and dissatisfied, then my colleagues at Ferrari have double that amount of frustration, so I don't need to worry about that.

"The important thing is that they see the road ahead and know what to do, and I have full trust and confidence that we will get out of this slump."

Pressed as to whether Sauber had an 'emergency plan' to turn their season around, Kaltenborn added: "The emergency plan is pretty simple: scoring points, a point.

"Yes, we've had a very rough start, but looking at our side - the chassis side - we have made steps and introduced improvements. It's just that when the gap is so big you don't immediately see that improvement from the outside, nor in the performance or in points.

"We have to keep to our path. The advantage compared to last year is that there is not such a massive change for 2015. What you do now can be used next year.

"I also can say that from the powertrain side our engine supplier has been doing a lot and I know that they are absolutely flat out in wanting to make improvements. So we will get there together."

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