I've moved Mercedes forward - Lowe

Friday 08-August-2014 11:07

Paddy Lowe believes his arrival has taken Mercedes "forward to the next level", helping to put them in a position to win the Championships.

Lowe swapped McLaren for Mercedes mid-2013 and, following the departure of team boss Ross Brawn, was given the role of executive director in charge of the technical side of the F1 team.

His arrival heralded a sharp up-turn in form for Mercedes, who a year later are a sure bet to win this year's Championship double.

"The team was on the ascendency over the last two to three years, and through last year was starting to win races and get pole positions more regularly," he told Autosport.

"Credit to Ross, he had been part of that process. I think I've come in and taken that forward to the next level.

"It's not so much about changing where Ross had been leading, it's more augmenting.

"I see gaps that Ross hadn't covered and fill in those gaps.

"Rarely are there places where I'll go 'what was done before was wrong, and we're going to go 180 degrees.' It's more about adding to what existed before."

Those additions have helped Mercedes take control of this year's title races with Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton the odds on favourites with Paddy Power to win the titles.

However, it was a change in Mercedes' way of doing things that Lowe reckons has paid dividends.

"Ross has been out since December, and time passes," he said. "Formula 1 is a fast business; I can't even remember last December. So, no disrespect to Ross, but that's old history.

"For me, we're here doing what we do and looking forward to the next races.

"It's been a fantastic year. It's a year we realistically couldn't have dreamt of achieving.

"So far, we've produced historic results and we want to keep that up.

"We demand a lot of ourselves, and that's always how it works in Formula 1.

"Formula 1 is very unforgiving; you're only as good as your last race. So, we've just got to make sure we're not falling back."

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