Pirelli 'not against more races'

Monday 11-August-2014 11:02

Pirelli motorsports director Paul Hembrey admits more races will create a logistical nightmare, but feels it will create "more value" for all involved.

The total number of races went up to 19 this year with Austria and Russia joining the calendar and that figure is set to increase again in 2015 as Mexico has already been confirmed while the Indian GP is also penciled in for a return following its absence this year.

Meanwhile Azerbaijan will join the F1 circus in 2016 after signing a deal to host the European Grand Prix on a street circuit.

With so many new venues, Hembrey concedes it will make everyone's lives difficult, but insists Pirelli are "not against doing more races".

"When you go to new locations and you're bringing in something for temporary import/export, those are the huge challenges for something like an F1 circus because not many people do that," Hembery is quoted as saying by "People don't tend to bring things in and take them out within a few days, they bring in and sell or whatever. So those are the things that are hard and they impact on your logistic structure because if there's no guarantee that you can get your equipment out then you have to buy extra equipment to cover for the fact something might be stuck there for a long time.

"So it's purely logistics. At the end of the day the more races you have the more value you create - ultimately - because you get more visibility. So we're not against doing more races, it just creates for everybody a practical human problem because people struggle with their natural lives so you might have to double up in some areas and create a duplication of roles, but you live with it. We're not against doing more races, that's for sure."

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