Lowe: Racing is a natural thing

Saturday 16-August-2014 12:03

Paddy Lowe has been surprised that others questioned the wisdom behind Mercedes' decision not to use team orders this season.

With Mercedes emerging as the dominant team in this year's Championship, the question is not whether they will win the Drivers' title but who of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton will do it.

The duo are in a race of their own for the World title, separated by just 11 points after 11 grands prix in Rosberg's favour.

The team has taken the chequered flag in nine of those 11 races of which six were 1-2 finishes.

However despite the close competition between the two, Mercedes have largely avoided issuing team orders, something Lowe says others have questioned.

"People at the beginning of this season were surprised we weren't running any team orders, and there was a bit of criticism against us as if we were idiots for not imposing them," Lowe told Autosport.

"By Bahrain, it was like 'you're going to have to stop it now, look what they got up to.'

"People even thinking like that is almost an inversion of how you should be, probably generated by that [Michael Schumacher] Ferrari era [in the 2000s, where Schumacher had undisputed number-one status in the team].

"Before that era no one would have ever thought about it.

"Of course you're going to race, that's what you do in Formula 1. It's a natural thing to do."

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