Marmorini hits out at Ferrari

Monday 18-August-2014 11:10

Axed Ferrari engine boss Luca Marmorini has hit out the Scuderia, revealing he met Marco Mattiacci twice - once to say hi and then to say bye.

Following on from the departure of Stefano Domenicali earlier in the season, Ferrari parted ways with Marmorini at the end of July.

Deemed responsible for Ferrari's poor first season in the new 1.6-litre V6 era, Marmorini is adamant that not all "the problems of the F14T are the fault of the power unit."

"As if in a company with the history of Ferrari had forgotten how to make your engines!" he told Italian author and F1 insider Leo Turrini.

"I mean, I accept any criticism, but do not tell me that at Maranello there are people who do not know the business of turbos, hybrids, etc."

Marmorini also revealed that in the three months that he worked with new boss Mattiacci they "exchanged few words" and only "saw each other twice."

The first of those two meeting was "for the greetings, the second when he gave me a letter that confirmed my departure from the company.

"I do not want to accuse anyone. For real.

"I will point out, however, that Ferrari is entrusting its road racing department to inexperience people who are using advisors who has so far shown nothing which is blind faith."

He added: "Ferrari run the risk of damaging the bedrock on which which the many past successes were built.

"I do not speak for me as I am out. But I am sorry for the engineers I know who are still there, good people who are demoralised."

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