Sochi is ready - Whiting

Wednesday 20-August-2014 14:25

FIA race director Charlie Whiting has given the go-ahead for the Sochi Autodrom to be granted a F1 license.

Whiting visited the Russian circuit on Tuesday, conducting the standard inspection that every new track has to undergo before hosting a grand prix.

The Brit confirmed that everything is in place and venue is ready to host the inaugural Russian GP this October.

"The circuit is in extremely good condition and - yes - it will be issued with a license," said Whiting.

"Everything has been done according to the plans - the kerbs are very good, the verges, the guardrails, the walls - everything is in an extremely good condition.

"Everything has been done to the highest standards and I'm extremely pleased. I can say without hesitation that the circuit is ready 60 days in advance, which is very rare really."

Asked specifically about the Race Control building, Whiting said: "Well, it's state of the art, it's very good, and I was very impressed when I walked in to the Race Control building. It really does look extremely impressive.

"Fundamentally, all Race Control buildings are the same, but in this particular case it's been done with very latest high-tech equipment. The images we see at race control are absolutely superb."

Russian GP promotor Sergey Vorobyev has welcomed the news.

"We were ready for Mr. Whiting's visit and we want to congratulate our builders who have made this positive verdict happen," he said.

"We were confident that FIA would appreciate the efforts made by our team to implement the technical details that have been so highly reviewed by Mr. Whiting today.

"Now that Sochi Autodrom has received a license, everything else is up to the organizers of the events and as such we are working intensely on ensuring that all aspects of the event are fully prepared.

"It is our aim to make this a truly unforgettable event with the comfort and enjoyment of our guests at the forefront of all our efforts."

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