Grosjean keeping his options open

Thursday 21-August-2014 07:02

The summer break may be over but Romain Grosjean is no closer to deciding his future in Formula 1.

Although Lotus are keen to get him under contract for next season, Grosjean again has made it clear he wants to wait before making a decision.

"As long as options are open," he reiterated to Autosport.

Lotus have had a difficult 2014 campaign, their efforts partly undone by their under-performing Renault engine.

The team is reportedly set to swap to Mercedes power next season, however, that deal has yet to be done.

Grosjean, though, is confident that whatever happens next year will be a better one for Lotus.

"They don't really have to convince me. I know what they are capable of doing," he said.

"I know they had made very good cars in the past. I know the trouble we have now.

"Since we are now in the process of understanding what is not working very well with the windtunnel and the car, if they know what budget they have then they can work with that.

"Hopefully they get a good engine. Then, from there, we can assess what they are capable of doing. I know the team is not going to have another season like this one next year.

"They will react and get better. Even though it may not be as good as next year, I'm sure it's going to be a car more capable of fighting for points more often. It could still be a good team."

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