Ferrari duo working 'together'

Thursday 21-August-2014 08:02

Ferrari's driver are determined to bounce back with Fernando Alonso revealing that he and Kimi Raikkonen are "constantly making suggestions" to help.

This year's Championship has been a trying one for the Scuderia who have fallen short of their Mercedes counterpart.

As such the team has netted just two podium finishes, both going to Alonso, who has had the better of the running.

The Spaniard has 115 points to Raikkonen's 27 but says the Finn is also working as hard as he is to push the Scuderia forward.

Alonso told Press Association: "We definitely work a lot together.

"The meetings have been quite long this year because we have had a lot of things to sort out after the races.

"We have been constantly making suggestions and comments about what we have on the track to try to help the engineers to transfer that to Maranello (factory) and to translate those comments into ideas for the car.

"It's not a big change compared to the way I used to work with Felipe (Massa) and any other team-mate.

"It's a working relationship to try to help the team all the time."

As for whether a race win awaits the Spaniard or his team-mate this season, Alonso admits there's still a lot that Ferrari need to improve.

"Obviously the car is not great.

"We lack downforce and traction, and we had difficulties with braking at the first couple of races, and other systems, that we had new this year.

"Kimi was probably not feeling confident with the car and he was not totally happy with the balance, but at the moment neither of us are super happy with the performance.

"All we can do is to try to keep improving to score more points because, up until the last race and especially with the Constructors' Championship, we were going backwards a little bit.

"We now need to put both cars in the points as many times as possible."

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