Verstappen likens his style to Alonso's

Friday 29-August-2014 12:21

Max Verstappen believes his driving style is very "controlled", which he feels is similar to that of Fernando Alonso.

The Dutch youngster, who turns 17 in September, will become Formula 1's youngest ever driver next year after Toro Rosso decided to partner him with Daniil Kvyat.

Not too many people have seen him in a single-seater as he only stepped up to FIA European Formula 3 Championship at the start of this year, but he feels he is very good at adapting to different situations.

"I think I have a different style to my dad! I think it's more like Alonso," Verstappen said. "When he needs to be smooth he is smooth. If he needs to save the tyres he saves the tyres. When he needs to be aggressive he is aggressive. But it is all under control. That's what I like and that's what I have proven in F3 over the last few weekends, so I think I am more like him."

A lot of people have raised questions about Toro Rosso's decision to hand a seat to a youngster, but Verstappen insists he can make the step up.

"I was always (taking) big steps. From karting to F3 was obviously a big step. I think I am ready for it," he said. "Age is just a number and it's on the track where you have to show."

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