Massa urges brake changes

Tuesday 02-September-2014 10:19

Felipe Massa believes Williams should change its brake system if it wants to regularly be near the front of the grid.

Last week's Belgian Grand Prix, at a circuit where Williams were expected to be near the front of the pack throughout, was something of a disaster for Massa, as the Brazilian qualified in ninth place in a wet qualifying session at Spa.

Massa suffered from glazed brakes during the session and as a result, he has called on Williams to switch from Carbone Industrie to run Brembo pads and discs.

"It's not the first time we had [glazing] this year," Massa told Autosport ahead of this week's Italian Grand Prix.

"Normally the brakes we used in the conditions like this, we had [glazing] a few times this year.

"It's not great to be honest, so it's something that we are still working on.

"It's impossible to warm up the [CI] brakes [in the wet]."

Williams performance chief Rob Smedley confirmed that they are considering making the change, as Massa suggests, but added that it isn't quite as straightforward as that.

"If you haven't done that, then it's a very big change to make to the car. It's something you couldn't just do between sessions," Smedley revealed.

"You have to set out at the start of the year essentially with your mechanical fixing that fixes the brake disc to the car able to accept both.

"We're going through the process now, but this team has been geared up to run with CI for many years now, so to change to another manufacturer is not wholly straightforward.

"With a certain amount of resource we have to consider where to put that resource the best. We can't put all of the company on to changing to Brembo material.

"We're considering the design and considering what to do for the future.

"For next year, that [a change to design of the mechanical fixing] will more than likely be the case."

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