Short term planning costing Ferrari

Tuesday 02-September-2014 11:11

Ferrari Technical Director James Allison believes Scuderia's short term view in the past is to blame for their lack of strong results this season.

The Maranello side looks destined to finish 2014 without a victory - for the first time since 1993 - having scored only two podiums so far this season.

Allison admits that Ferrari have all the ingredients to be a successful Formula One but that organizational problems behind the scenes have prevented them from fulfilling their potential in recent times.

"I don't think Ferrari's ever lacked for resource, it's never lacked for quality of people, quality of drivers, so we have many of the key parts of being a successful team," Allison told

"What all of us are trying to do, and Marco is spearheading that, is to identify the areas where we are not championship-leading material and to put them right.

"Most of those weaknesses are organisational and a tendency to have worked a bit short-term in the past. That's the main area where we are trying to make sure that we bring out the best from all the manifest good things that are there at Maranello."

Allison added that Ferrari should put an equal amount of effort into developing their cars' power units and aerodynamics during the off-season.

"The aero regs are stable but they are also still young, relatively young," he added.

"I would guess that there's as much to be had out of - in the time between the '14 and '15 cars - there's as much to be had out of making the aero better as there is out of making the power unit better and we're throwing as much weight as we can behind both those things."

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