Alonso enjoying 'beautiful battle' at Merc

Thursday 04-September-2014 17:23

Fernando Alonso admits he and the rest of the F1 paddock are happy to sit back and enjoy the Lewis Hamilton-Nico Rosberg rivalry.

Despite denials from both Hamilton and Rosberg, the tension between the Mercedes drivers has gone up a notch following their collision at the Belgian Grand Prix.

Alonso, of course, found himself in a similar situation during his one-off season at McLaren when things also appeared to be a bit frosty between him and Hamilton.

When asked about events during the 2007 campaign, the two-time World Champion again denied that he didn't have a good relationship with his then team-mate Hamilton.

"As I've said many times before it wasn't a problem with Lewis, we had a very professional relationship and there were very competitive people inside the team - that was quite normal," the Spaniard said. "I think in 2007 the team didn't work as we wanted. It didn't work because I was not happy with some of the philosophies and the team management at that point and had more possibilities to go into different teams the year after and we decided to go on from there. But I never had a problem with Lewis and it's not a surprise today we still have a good relationship."

Asked if he could mediate the situation at Mercedes, Alonso replied: "Yes!" before changing his mind: "No, definitely, I am not an ambassador for peace."

With Rosberg and Hamilton set to battle it out for the World Championship this year, veteran F1 driver Alonso is happy to sit back and enjoy.

"I'm sure these guys will move forward and as Nico said, they have a clear target to win the Championship, both of them," he said. "They are in a privileged position to fight for that goal and from the outside we will try and enjoy as much as we can this beautiful battle. Sport is made from this kind of thing. They have a good problem - they are fighting for the World Championship."

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