Schumi Should Get A Number

Friday 03-January-2014 09:30

One of the positive moves from the FIA this autumn has been to allow drivers to choose their driver numbers which they can keep throughout their career. The only exception being No.1 which is optionally taken by the World Champion.

Thus in 2014, Fernando Alonso is likely to end up as No.14, his first choice, while Kimi Raikkonen may very well get his selection of No.7 and Nico Rosberg No.5.

Take an entirely different sport - baseball. In Major League baseball teams like the New York Yankees, when a player reaches a special status within the team, they retire that number. Thus No.3 will always be Babe Ruth, No.4 Lou Gehrig, No.5 Joe DiMaggio, No.7 Micky Mantle.

What better way for F1 to show its respect and its love for Michael Schumacher - an exceptional World Champion - than by giving him his own number for 2014 and retiring it. When someone beats his exceptional record of seven World Championships, then they too can have their own number. It's not going to happen too many times in the next 50 years.

PF1 fans - over to you... If he were to have a number, what would it be...?

Andrew Davies

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