Not The F1 News: Jerez Shambles

Wednesday 29-January-2014 09:46

The first day at Jerez was a shambles with only 93 laps completed and the breakdown truck playing a starring role.

Despite many teams having pre-test 'filming' and 'promotional' days (in miserable wet January weather) the first day at Jerez was a shambles. Only Ferrari emerged from it with any kind of distinction having done a variety of installation laps and some consecutive-lap runs. And they only broke down once.

Forza The Breakdown Truck!
The breakdown truck is celebrating a rare entry into F1 statistics. On a day when the maximum lap number was set by Ferrari at 31, the breakdown truck managed eight, one more than Williams and Sauber, five more than Red Bull and one more than Caterham who both didn't set a time. The breakdown truck didn't actually record a time, but as it was on the circuit before Caterham and Red Bull, finished above them.

McLaren Woes
Red faces all round at McLaren who have prepared for this test the longest of all the F1 teams but couldn't even set an installation lap. The reasons given were electronic/hydraulic, although the rumour in the pitlane was they couldn't find the on/off button.

Wildlife on F1
The unveiling of so many new cars in one morning produced a flurry of activity from the gathered photographers. Many were transfixed by the ugliest of anteater noses revealed on the new cars, in particular the Toro Rosso, the Force India and the Williams FW33. On the negative side, the model makers at Minichamps scale models are receiving counselling - on the positive side, there should be no problem with ants at any of the circuits this year.

Sauber Celebrate sixth
Sauber are celebrating after finishing sixth on the first day of testing. Esteban Gutierrez put in seven strong laps in the new car. Even though his best lap, a 1:42.257, was over fifteen seconds slower than Kimi Raikkonen's benchmark time the Swiss team are pleased with progress. Sauber say that they will definitely reduce this time on Wednesday...when Esteban drives on the right circuit.

And finally Marussia have revealed that they won't be taking part in testing in Jerez on Tuesday and Wednesday because of a "technical glitch", the technical glitch being that the car is in another country.

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