Punish The Team, Not The Driver

Monday 17-March-2014 07:02

Rules are rules and I'm a firm believer in that but sometimes the rules have it wrong; Daniel Ricciardo's disqualification being one of those.

Formula One is a team sport. You hear drivers say it all the time, "we win as a team, we lose as a team".

It is why we have two cars in a team and it is why team orders were allowed back into the sport. It's a team sport.

But this team sport is split into two Championships, the Constructors' and the Drivers'.

Red Bull Racing secured points in both when Daniel Ricciardo crossed the line in second place in Sunday's Australian GP, a faultless drive for the Australian at his home race.

Hours later, though, both the team and the drivers were stripped of their points when Ricciardo was thrown out of the grand prix.

I feel for him.

The stewards in their ruling into his RB10 exceeding the maximum allowed fuel flow even stated that the driver was not to blame.

"This parameter is outside of the control of the driver, Daniel Ricciardo," the FIA stewards said in a statement.

Why then was Ricciardo stripped of his points?

I say punish Red Bull. They got it wrong, they stepped outside the regulations, and punish them hard if you want. Rules are rules and Red Bull - according to the Melbourne stewards - clearly broke them.

Ricciardo, though, by the FIA's own admission did nothing wrong. Surely he should not be punished?

Michelle Foster

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