F1 Noise Transformed

Tuesday 08-April-2014 06:22

Taken from a nostalgic F1 past when exhausts were deafening, yet their acoustics made sweet music to our ears! Memento Exclusives have transformed these race-used Honda F1 exhausts into space-age table lamps.

The sparkling LED light has been integrated into stylish mirror-polished Honda F1 tail pipes. A relaxing retirement following their exhausting day job!

Constructed from heat-resistant Iconel steel developed for the aerospace industry, this exhaust was optimised for weight restrictions (minimising its steel content) - whilst still coping with the extreme heat, vibrations and stresses of the race.

The new single, angled exhausts for 2014 have a more constrained aerodynamic impact with their fixed dimensions, exit measurements and surrounding bodywork restrictions.

Once driven by Button, Villeneuve and Sato, just 6 of these beauties are available. You can order your limited edition lamp over at Memento Exclusives.

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