Talking Point: Is Alonso Trying Too Hard?

Monday 17-May-2010 14:46

Just how do you think Fernando Alonso is doing at Ferrari?

It's been a funny start to the start of the Fernando-Ferrari marriage...

The pace of the Red Bull has brought their honeymoon period to a swift end and Alonso's mistake on Saturday morning produced a surprising level of criticism from the Italian press. "In one moment of folly the fake champion has burned months and months of work of the technicians from Maranello," wrote the Il Giornale newspaper. Ouch.

On the other hand, Alonso remains third in the standings and just threepoints behind Mark Webber and Seb Vettel. What's more, in an article entitled 'Alonso over-reaching in fight with Red Bull', the BBC's Andrew Benson reports he has been told 'Ferrari could not be more impressed with their new driver.'

In a couple of remarkable lines, Benson discloses: 'I understand that, even after just six races, they already feel that as a whole package - being a team player, technical feedback, his ability to read a race weekend and speed - Alonso is even better than Schumacher, the man who won five championships and 72 grands prix for the legendary Italian team.

'Yes, you read that right. Ferrari have the feeling that Alonso is faster than Schumacher was at his best. (And yes, I know, the concept of him being a team player will raise smiles down at McLaren, after what happened there in 2007.)'

But what do you think?

Is Alonso proving himself to be better than Schumacher in his pomp? Is it even possible to compare drivers from different eras? Or do you think that his mistakes in Monaco and China, when he jumped the start, are a symptom of Alonso feeling the pressure? Is he trying too hard to impress? Is he trying too hard to catch the Red Bulls? And is he the man to catch the Bulls?

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