Out Of Faith, Out Of Time

Thursday 29-August-2013 14:20

Just when you think there would be light at the end of the Ferrari tunnel, Stefano blows it out with his claim that Felipe Massa is his "favourite" to stay on at Ferrari next season. Enough is enough.

Don't get me wrong I like Felipe Massa. I like the person and I like the driver. What I don't like is him staying on at Ferrari for another season and I have to ask 'why?'

There was a time when the Brazilian was Ferrari material, in other words there was a time when he was a title contender. In 2008 you couldn't help but feel for him as his missed out by one point - or just a few corners. So close yet so very, very far.

And you could say that the following season not only Massa but also Ferrari were feeling the hangover from it all as they just didn't have it. And then disaster struck in Hungary.

Massa did an incredible job coming back from that injury but I'm not going to debate whether it affected him or not because that's not my area and I think his results speak for themselves as he had a solid 2010 season. It's 2011 where it all went wrong.

He slumped. No other way to describe it. He sluuuuuuumped. But despite holding the dubious honour of being the first Ferrari driver since 1992 to complete a season without a top-three result, Ferrari kept faith in Massa.

He almost extended that record the following year where it took him 15 races to reach the top three. He managed another podium in Brazil but finished with 122 points, 156 behind Fernando Alonso. And even though just about everyone and their dog was linked to his seat, Ferrari kept faith in Massa.

Which brings us to 2013 where it's the same old story that looks set to yield the same old outcome. The stats, though, don't lie.

Massa has one podium in 11 starts, no wins. Alonso has six podiums and two wins. Massa has 67 points, Alonso has 151 - that's less than half. Massa has outqualified Alonso three times, Alonso has been ahead eight. Massa is not in the Drivers' Championship and Alonso is but perhaps more to the point Ferrari are not in the Constructors' Championship and that, well that is because of Massa.

So why re-sign him? Surely it's time for him to resign.

Michelle Foster

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