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Paul Oz is arguably the hottest F1 artist on the planet and a great new British talent. As official artist to Instituto Ayrton Senna and the James Hunt family, Paul's explosive, "blow your socks off" art is in high demand.

Three completely unique F1-inspired "SKULLPTURES" have been launched for sale at

As the name suggests, the pieces are based on fierce animal skulls, which fuse F1 components and engineering with Oz's creative genius.

There's "Senna"; a 20th anniversary tribute based on the giant, extinct American Lion. The big cat's teeth are even articulated with F1 components so you can change its expression depending on your mood. As the perfect finishing touch, the Senna skull was airbrushed in Senna's racing colours by Jason Fowler - AKA Lewis Hamilton's official helmet painter.

The Jaguar F1 skull has ultra "moon glow" teeth which eerily illuminate the room. Then there's the medieval Red Bull skull which has just returned from its tour with their Red Bull Racing team at their UK HQ and at Hangar-7 in Salzburg - the team's home of all things awesome!

This is the most pricy of the skulls at £24,000, but its details are pretty amazing - from the genuine F1 HANS device used at the bull's neck, to the skull itself wrapped in 4 layers of F1-grade carbon fibre by C6 Carbon.

Check them out at

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