The Best of Eddie Jordan: 2013

Thursday 05-December-2013 22:20

He's been nicknamed 'The Bard of Bray'. And why not, some of Eddie Jordan's comments on the BBC have been almost lyrical, especially when he's enjoyed a bit of hospitality before a race. Here are some of EJ's best quotes from the 2013 season.

Eddie Jordan on Lewis: "Lewis has released the team into a new zone."

Eddie Jordan on Jenson: "He was the epitome of the perfect guy and he still is."

Eddie Jordan on Niki Lauda: "He is speaking like a pope."
(Although we're pretty sure the Pope doesn't use the word 'shit' quite so much.)

Eddie Jordan to Daniel Ricciardo:"Without wanting to put a dampener on anything - you haven't finished a race this season."

Eddie Jordan on Kimi Raikkonen: "He's such on fire."

Eddie Jordan on the race: "It had all the hallmarks of everything."

Eddie Jordan on Nico Rosberg: "He's sorted out the tyre problems he possibly thought he had."

Eddie Jordan talking about Jenson's old teams: ...he doesn't seem as confident as he was when he was with B.A."
(Or even BAR)

Eddie Jordan wasn't convinced Romain Grosjean's printer was working: "To tell you the truth...I think there's something up with his peripheral."

Eddie Jordan on Raikkonen's aversion to team radio "Kimi doesn't like to be interfered with during the race."

Eddie Jordan on Pirelli's seemingly massive challenge:"It's a big task to ask Pirelli to change the environment of the tyre."

Eddie Jordan, not finding the word 'secret' talking to Christian Horner:"Christian, let us in on a little treatment here - who's going to be driving for you next year?"

Eddie Jordan after Qualifying: "All these young drivers have met the metal today."

Eddie Jordan emphasizing how much he likes Belgium: "If someone says that we have to get rid of Spa and substitute it with another track I will personally shoot them."

Eddie Jordan's secret of success in F1:"Toro Rosso - have they learnt anything from their sisters in Red Bull?" What you must do in F1 is keep the front two wheels on the car going forward."

Eddie Jordan: "You know I hate predictions"
Christian Horner:"That's because you're not very good at them."

Eddie Jordan talking to Christian Horner about saving tyres: "That extra set of tyres gives you another little big advantage."

Eddie Jordan talking about Sauber's progress: "I think they're managing to get that extra little sparkle out of it."

Eddie Jordan talking about Jean-Eric Vergne's future:"Jean-Eric and Daniel have been very close this year. I have a big chance for his career."

Eddie Jordan suddenly going very posh:"Hulkenberg has given Lotus an ulti-mart-tum"

Eddie Jordan commenting on Romain's progress: "He's brought himself up that ladder."

New Delhi
Eddie Jordan talking about Nico Hulkenberg:"He's a new man he's found in himself."

Eddie Jordan combining "Championship" and "Title": I think Mercedes have an unbelievable chance to take the chitle next year."

Eddie Jordan explaining why Perez will go to Force India next year: "Look, we're in the world at the moment."

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