Not The F1 News: Red Flag!

Tuesday 25-February-2014 12:53

The latest stories not making the news around the other websites, including a new twist to Bernie's Munich trial...

F1 Beats Communism
Here's a joke started by our sister site, Off on
What's the difference between F1 testing in Bahrain and a Communist Party conference?

They keep the red flag flying much longer in F1.

Virus Halts Marussia Progress
Marussia are counting the cost of a virus they found in their engine software which limited running in Bahrain. Max Chilton said he knew he had a problem when he got onto team radio and a voice asked him for his bank account and sort code details.

Lotus Hit The Front
After other Renault teams hit problems in Bahrain, Lotus got into their stride on the last few days of the test and set the fastest time on Day Four. Now they are confidently predicting that they could be the fastest Renault runner in Melbourne - that is providing they can keep in front of the Caterhams...

Bernie's Trial gets New Twist
Bernie Ecclestone is scheduled to have four court cases over the Gerhard Gribkowsky affair - and so far the score is played two, won two. The case against Bernie in New York was slung out by a judge and now the London High Court has ruled that he didn't ask Gribkowsly to undervalue F1 either. Bernie is facing the same accusations in a Swiss court and also a German court.

A spokesman for the team bosses said there was a great danger that F1 fans were being turned off by the same result every time and the outcome of Bernie's trials were too predictable. So to keep fans interested, they have asked the court in Munich to impose double the sentence for the final trial of the season.

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