Who's Living Where These Days...

Tuesday 30-October-2007 11:01

With Lewis Hamilton announcing he's moving to Switzerland (although not for the tax breaks), PF1 decided to take a look at which drivers live where...

And while Monaco still ranks as the favourite place for the drivers to set up home, Switzerland is fast coming in at number two tied with England, which is where most of the teams are based.

* Jenson Button resides in the principality of Monaco, and also has properties in the UK and Bahrain.
* Nico Rosberg spent much of his youth in Monaco with his family, and still lives in the Principality.
* Alex Wurz also lives in Monaco.
* David Coulthard has resided for some time in the tax haven principality of Monaco.
* Felipe Massa and his lovely lady live in Monaco.
* Giancarl Fisichella and his brood have a spot in Monaco.

* 2007 F1 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen lives in Switzerland with his wife Jenni Dahlman, a Finnish model and former Miss Scandinavia.
* Fernando Alonso owns a house near Lake Geneva in Switzerland but he also has a spot in Oxford, England.
* Lewis Hamilton is making his way to Switzerland in order to be able to use a public restroom without being bothered for an autograph.
* Nick Heidfeld lives in Stafa, Switzerland, with his girlfriend Patricia, daughter Juni and son Joda.
* David Coulthard owns a home in Switzerland, but he also has places in Monaco and London.

* Anthony Davidson and his wife Carrie reside in Brackley, England.
* David Coulthard owns a place in London, England.
* Jenson Button also owns a place in the UK.
* Fernando Alonso's another who owns a pad in Oxford, England.
* Lewis Hamilton, though, is moving out of his pad in England.
* Takuma Sato resides in Marlow, England.

* Jarno Trulli is the co-owner of a vineyard in Italy and produces his own wine.
* Tonio Liuzzi now lives in Pescara, Italy.

* New Toro Rosso driver Sebastien Bourdais lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, with his wife Claire and daughter Emma.

* Sebastian Vettel (who's probably still too young to leave home permanently) still stays in Heppenhelm, Germany.

* F1's only Polish driver, Robert Kubica, is also the only driver to live in Poland. He stays in the city of Krakow.

* Renault rookie Heikki Kovalainen hasn't moved far from home as he still lives in Suomussalmi, Finland.

* Rubens Barrichello couldn't stay further away from the F1 action if he tried. The Brazilian still lives in Sao Paulo with his wife and children.

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