Brawn isn't expecting constant harmony

Friday 17-May-2013 09:36

Ross Brawn says he's expects there will come a time this season when Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton clash both on and off the track.

Although all seems well at Mercedes at present there was a moment earlier this season in Malaysia when the relationship between the two drivers could have turned fractious.

Told to hold station behind Hamilton at the Sepang circuit, Rosberg adhered to the team orders and chose to congratulate Hamilton on his podium result rather than sulk about it.

However, Brawn is adamant that there will come a time when something puts a damper of their relationship.

"Our drivers get on well, they have raced together before, they have got some nice history together, but we all know there will be events and incidents where they get angry with each other," the Mercedes team boss told ESPNF1.

"But that's natural, they are competitors and it's important that we recover from those very quickly so it doesn't become damaging. But they will have their moments for sure."

The Englishman added that while Rosberg and Hamilton work well together, their natural desire to better each other has helped push Mercedes forward.

"I think with any driver you need the pace and speed, because without that you are not going to succeed - the first thing any top F1 driver needs is the pace.

"Then you need an intelligent approach and if you both drivers working in harmony to improve the car and the way the team works, then you've got an ideal situation.

"Our drivers work very well together as team-mates, they want to beat each other and they are very quick and that's combination that we are enjoying at the moment."

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