Rosberg going through a 'phase'

Saturday 31-August-2013 09:49

Nico Rosberg is "very confident" that he'll get back on a level footing with Lewis Hamilton as the Brit has jumped in their personal battle.

Rosberg emerged as the stronger of the two Mercedes drivers at the start of this season, taking two race wins in the first eight grands prix. Added to that he also had three pole positions to Hamilton's two.

However, in the races since Hamilton has gone on a charge.

The Britisih driver had secured three pole positions to go with his earlier two and also claimed his first victory for Mercedes in Hungary. And although he didn't win the other two races, he did win the intra-team battle, beating Rosberg out on track.

Rosberg is refusing to let it get to him, saying that while he acknowledges Hamilton as a strong driver, he himself is going through a trying phase.

"For one, Lewis has been doing a really, really good job and he's on it," said the German. "But that was clear from the beginning he was going to be a tough competitor, so he's just done really, really well.

"From my side, just a bit of a phase where not everything is going 100 percent right.

"I go through these phases as a driver and come on out the other side then they'll be a phase where everything does go right like at the beginning of the year in qualifying.

"Even though the racing didn't go well back then for our struggles that we used to have in the races, qualifying was going right."

The 28-year-old added that he believes the tables will yet again turn.

"I'm very confident that the phase will come again," he told Sky Sports.

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