Brawn expects Bulls to continue form

Tuesday 05-November-2013 12:11

Ross Brawn expects Red Bull to continue their dominance next season, despite the new engine regulations that come into effect in 2014.

Red Bull's rivals are hoping that the change in regulations would provide the other teams with an opportunity to challenge the team that has dominated the Drivers' and Constructors' titles over the last four years, but the Mercedes team principle believes their advantage will remain.

Brawn is of the opinion that Red Bull's dominating performances recently indicate that their technical team has made progress with regard to understanding the aerodynamic deficiency in their cars, and how to use that knowledge to improve straight-line speed - one aspect they have traditionally lacked in.

"Some of the performance I have observed they have gained in the second half of the year, it looks like performance that will translate into next year," Brawn told Autosport.

"They suddenly have the car that sometimes tops the speed trap times, and they have never done that in years.

"They have managed to shed some drag off the car, so some of the car's performance in certain areas of the track, if carried over in to next year, will make it very challenging.

"It is a new slate in many ways [in 2014], but I think you don't unlearn things. So things they have modified with this year's car will be applicable for next year."

Brawn's Red Bull compatriot Christian Horner admitted that any progress they make in 2013 will help their title challenge in 2014, but added that any steps improvements in performance they managed in the second half of the 2013 season wasn't at the expense of their title challenge next year.

"While the championship jobs are done this year, whatever we achieve this year we can only benefit from next year," Horner noted.

"Our full focus in Milton Keynes is on the challenges of 2014, but there is still an awful lot we can learn [from the current car].

"The other teams are also involved in a battle for second in the championship. We are out of that and will be able to turn full focus on to 2014."

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