Mercedes considers set-up changes

Wednesday 06-November-2013 11:06

Mercedes are contemplating changes to the set-up of its cars that would improve race-day performances, but may compromise qualifying pace.

Lewis Hamilton has been visibly frustrated with the W04 car's performances on race day and has complained that the car loses much of its performance when stuck behind another car.

Ross Brawn, the Mercedes team principal, believes the problem is so serious that they are considering changing the set-up of the car to make it more effective at overtaking, even if it compromises their single lap pace.

"I think one of the weaknesses of the car at the moment, which we have identified, is our ability to follow and overtake is poor," Brawn revealed to Autosport.

"Of course, if you get yourself into your position where you need to do that to rebuild your race, then your race goes from bad to worse.

"That is really what happened to Lewis in the last couple of races and that is something we want to think about for Austin and Brazil.

"It could be we need to modify our approach to have a car and a set-up philosophy that puts a bit more emphasis on the ability to race the other cars than the lap time."

Despite Hamilton's struggles of late, Brawn isn't concerned by his poor form when compared to team-mate Nico Rosberg.

"I think there is a natural order that happens with two very, very good drivers," the former Honda boss continued.

"They decide to get the car tuned in, they have a few races where they get the car absolutely right, they race well, and it all comes together.

"But there is no reason for it. They are the natural phases you go through when you have two very good drivers as we have."

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