Brawn expects staff change to hurt RBR

Tuesday 19-November-2013 12:05

Ross Brawn believes Red Bull's chances of continuing its dominance of Formula One has been dealt a blow by the departure of aerodynamics expert Peter Prodromou.

Prodromou will join McLaren ahead of the 2015 season, although the Woking outfit is hopeful of negotiating an early release from his contract with Red Bull, which expires at the end of 2014.

Although Red Bull has downplayed the significance of losing one individual to a rival team, albeit one that has worked closely with chief technician Adrian Newey, Brawn believes his departure will undoubtedly hurt the Constructors' Champions.

"I don't know Peter to be honest, but he has a reputation of being a strong engineer and he has been involved in some very successful projects," Brawn explained.

"So there will be a change. I don't think any team can lose someone of that calibre without it having an impact.

"Red Bull are where they are because they took Adrian out of McLaren. It is part of the process of F1 and it goes around and around.

"If Red Bull have a certain philosophy or approach that is fairly unique, then McLaren will become familiar with that approach.

"That is the nature of F1. It is fairly incestuous and the engineers move around.

"James Allison has gone from Lotus, where he designed a very good car, to Ferrari, and I am sure next year their car will be better. That is the nature of the business."

In contrast, Red Bull believes the biggest threat to the current status quo is the performance of the new 1.6-litre V6 engines, which will be used in 2014.

"The engine becomes a really key factor next year and so much will depend on the job of the relative engine manufacturers," Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said.

"So there is huge pressure on Renault to deliver, as there is Mercedes, Ferrari and the following year Honda.

"That is the big unknown at the moment - how much of a factor is the power unit going to be?"

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