Brawn not in favour of mandatory stops

Saturday 07-December-2013 07:18

Ross Brawn has urged Formula One not to introduce mandatory pit stops, saying he is not a "great fan" of the idea.

Last month it emerged that F1 was considering implementing mandatory pit stops next season with each driver forced to make two per race.

Added to that there was the idea of limiting the amount of time a driver can spend on any one compound.

Brawn, though, reckons it would ruin the strategy of the sport.

"We could have regulations that say mandatory stops but as soon as you start messing about with the strategy from a management point of view... if you said 'what is wrong with it?', I couldn't tell you but intuitively I don't think it is right to have a regulated number of pit stops," he told Autosport.

"We have to have one at the moment because we have to run both compounds.

"As for regulating a number of pit stops, maybe it will work, maybe we have to try it but I am not a great fan."

The outgoing Mercedes team boss also weighed in on the Pirelli saga as the manufacturer came in for a lot of criticism this season as the tyres suffered high degradation.

"It is such a difficult thing to optimise because how conservative do the tyres need to be to allow the drivers to drive flat out for the whole race?" said Brawn.

"And if they are that conservative do we just one stop all the time?

"Trying to create a tyre where you drive as hard as you want and still have to change twice a race is a very, very difficult task."

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