Leading neurologist rushes to Schumi's aid

Sunday 29-December-2013 18:50

A leading neurologist, Gerard Saillant, has arrived at the hospital in Grenoble where Michael Schumacher is undergoing tests.

The seven-time World Champion suffered a head injury when he fell while skiing off-piste on the slopes of the Meribel ski resort on Sunday morning.

The accident took place at 11.07am local time with Schumacher reportedly hitting his head on a rock. He was wearing a helmet.

Minutes later he was airlifted to hospital, taken to Moutiers before he was flown to Grenoble for more tests.

Olivier Desaulty, a spokesman for Meribel Alpina, the ski lift company, told The Mirror: "Some skiers, who were not skiing with him, saw the accident and called us.

"We immediately sent two ski patrols on skis. They had been waiting to do a check on something and were close by.

"They checked him and called a helicopter. Apparently he was briefly - a minute or so - unconscious. But he came around quickly and was then talking.

"He said he had hit his head on a rock. He was wearing a helmet fortunately. The helicopter arrived very quickly and he was taken to hospital."

The former Ferrari driver, who won 91 grands prix during his 19 years in Formula One, has some of the best doctors taking care of him including Saillant.

One of the leading neurologists in Paris, Saillant was given a police escort to the hospital.

Early reports claimed the German had suffered "cranial trauma" while some even stated that it was "severe brain trauma."

His condition, though, is believed to be serious but not life-threatening.

For now, however, the world awaits a news from the hospital with a press conference set to take place later tonight.

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