Alonso interested in test after all

Tuesday 09-July-2013 08:08

Fernando Alonso admitted that he didn't grasp the full value of the upcoming Silverstone test at first, adding that he would be interested in taking part.

Before last weekend's German Grand Prix the Ferrari driver stated that he wasn't interested in taking part in the session, which is an extension from the scheduled Young Driver Test during which Pirelli will fine-tune their tyre specifications for the rest of the reason.

"It's not a very safe thing racing on the same track with the same tyres. I don't have the feeling [that] I want to go," the two-time World Champion said on Thursday, 4 July.

"I don't intend to go."

After he was told that the Ferrari would be allowed to do more than just tyre tests, however, the Spaniard had a change of heart.

"When we arrived here on Thursday, the Silverstone test did not seem that important, because the race drivers were only meant to be testing the tyres, but, having heard what the FIA had to say, it's been confirmed that we can test updates and this makes it a much more sensible proposition," he said.

"If I get the call from the team, I'm ready to go."

The testing session at Silverstone is scheduled to take place between 17-19 July.

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