Massa: Ferrari will be competitive

Wednesday 24-July-2013 13:41

The Hungaroring might not suit the F138, but Felipe Massa is confident Ferrari will be competitive this weekend.

With overtaking notoriously difficult in Hungary, qualifying is likely to play an extremely important role in the outcome of the race and Ferrari will be the first to admit they are not up to scratch when it comes to pace over a single lap.

The veteran Brazilian, though, feels they can prove their doubters wrong.

"For sure people say the characteristics of our car are not best suited to this circuit and that it will be tough for us to fight for the win here, but I am not sure this is an accurate assessment, because there have been other circuits where we expected our car to be very strong and it was not and vice versa," he told the official Ferrari website.

"The important thing will be to get a good understanding of exactly how the car is reacting as quickly as possible. The circuit requires as much downforce as possible, because the speed down the straight is not so important here. You need a car that is very stable and that is kind to the tyres to avoid degradation.

"I think we can be competitive, so I'm hoping our weekend goes in the opposite way to what people are expecting."

Massa has struggled in recent races, retiring in two of last four races, but he is optimistic he can turn things around at the Hungagoring.

"For a driver, the most important thing is always the race result and I hope this weekend will deliver that for me, as the last couple of races have not been so successful," he said.

"There was always something happening which meant I couldn't finish as high up as I should have done. Therefore what I would like most of all is to turn things around, because going on holiday with a good result under my belt would really make the difference."

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