Massa: Germany 2010 one of the worst

Thursday 21-November-2013 15:02

Felipe Massa has billed Germany 2010 as the lowest point of his Ferrari career, right up there with his horrific crash a year earlier.

This weekend Massa will bid farewell to Ferrari after eight seasons and 11 grands prix victories as a Scuderia driver.

Those years brought with them much joy and also a whole lot of heartache such as his near miss in the 2008 Championship, his life-threatening injury in an accident a year later and the rise of team orders in Fernando Alonso's favour in 2010.

Speaking during Thursday's press conference for the Brazilian Grand Prix, Massa was asked about his toughest moments with Ferrari.

He responded: "I think the toughest moment... definitely the accident was not a great moment and maybe the race in Hockenheim 2010."

During that race Massa heard the now famous words "Fernando is faster than you" which was a coded message for the Brazilian to move over and let his team-mate Alonso through.

But despite playing second fiddle for many of his years, the 32-year-old has no hard feelings towards the team.

"I will just try to do the best in my career and I really hope Ferrari can have a good future as well. I have nothing really to complain [about], to say," he said.

"We have a very good time together and I hope I can have a fantastic future in a different team and I hope the same for Ferrari. I have zero frustration in my life and that's the way it is."

Looking ahead to his final race with the team, Massa concedes it will be an emotional outing.

"I've had an incredible time with Ferrari. It's a very long time, it's the eighth Championship [season] but I'm inside Ferrari even before Formula 1.

"So it's a long time and I just need to say thank you to all of them, everybody who I worked together with Ferrari.

"Stefano [Domenicali] is a big friend and did a lot for me as well. I hope we can enjoy the last race here in Ferrari, having a lot of fun and having a good result as well to be even more emotional at the end."

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