Ferrari limit Alonso's tweeing

Saturday 30-November-2013 05:25

Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo is set to curb Fernando Alonso's voice on Twitter, forbidding the Spaniard from commenting on Ferrari.

Alonso is one of many Formula One drivers who these days uses Twitter to interact with his fan, opting largely for the frivolous.

"Today arrive my PlayStation 4!! Amazing!" he tweeted on Friday while also talking about his "hair style" needing to be more "aerodynamic" as tufts peaked through his cycling helmet.

And keeping to the frivolous and random updates about his life is all that Alonso will be permitted to do as tweeting about Ferrari and their on-goings is now forbidden.

"I'll forbid it in the sense that Alonso (and I mean Alonso and everyone else) can write anything he wants on Twitter, but when it comes to things concerning Ferrari, these will be said by Ferrari," Marca reports di Montezemolo as having told RAI 1.

"Otherwise we risk creating situations that could upset the atmosphere and the peace within the team, which has been very important this year, in my opinion.

"I've said all year that, first and foremost, we need to watch our behaviour."

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