Schumi turns 45 in hospital

Friday 03-January-2014 06:40

Michael Schumacher marked his 45th birthday in intensive care having spent a fifth night in a French hospital.

The German, arguably Formula One's most successful driver ever, remains in a medically induced coma after undergoing two operations to relieve swelling and remove a blood clot.

On Thursday, Schumacher's condition remained stable but critical with his family by his bedside while a lack of a press conference on Friday suggested that little had changed overnight.

For his birthday, Ferrari are planning a special event for their most successful driver.

Fans have been called to the Grenoble University Hospital Center for a "silent and respectful" tribute for Schumacher's 45th birthday.

He won five of his seven Drivers' Championship titles with the Scuderia.

Prosecutors are continuing with their investigation into the accident, which is a common practice in France as they look into liability or negligence.

The accident took place off-piste between two runs with Kehm saying the former F1 driver was not going at a high speed when he fell and hit his head on a rock. Rather he had stopped to help a friend who had fallen and only just got going again.

"It would seem from everything people have told me that he was not even travelling at high speed as he had helped a friend who had fallen on the piste," Kehm stated earlier this week.

"So he started to ski again, went into the deep snow and apparently what we assume is he hit a rock when he wanted to do a curve and he was catapulted in the air and apparently went head down hitting another rock.

"It was extremely unfortunate circumstances and not because he was speeding too much."

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