Allison expects cars to speed up

Tuesday 11-February-2014 12:16

Ferrari technical director James Allison is confident that this year's Formula One cars will show a swift increase in pace before the start of the season next month.

Allison believes the sluggish start most cars endured during the season's first test at Jerez last month was because most teams focused on reliability and engine performance in the initial stages of development. He added that aerodynamic development usually takes place closer to the end of pre-season.

"Just look at the size of the rear wings - they are more or less Canada-type rear wings," Allison told Autosport.

"That is roughly where the downforce of the [2014] car is. There is also not the blowing of the floor either.

"But new rules offer new opportunities, so the rate of finding downforce is quite steep.

"You never know when it is going to slacken off, but it is showing no signs of that at the moment."

One driver that agrees with Allison is Jenson Button, who said earlier that he is certain that the speeds recorded will continue to improve as the season progresses.

"When we go to the first race everyone is going to be much faster," Button noted.

"And by the end of the year we might not be that far off, a couple of seconds."

Rod Nelson, the Williams chief test and support engineer, added some weight to Allison's comments and claimed that most of the teams will use the tests in Bahrain to focus on speed.

"I've got about 300 things on my list to do, and I think we've knocked off about 50 so far," Nelson divulged.

"We've got a load of stuff to do. We've got a whole race distance to run, which isn't all about qualifying pace.

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