Fry: Takes longer to fix new cars

Monday 24-February-2014 09:07

Should anything go wrong with the new F1 cars, Pat Fry has revealed the teams need twice as long to fix the problems as they did in previous seasons.

Several teams have had a stuttering start to pre-season testing, at times missing hours of running due to problems.

Ferrari is one of the teams that have fallen foul of this.

Technical issues throughout testing have cost the team hours of running with Fry revealing that this is because it takes longer to fix these more complicated cars.

The Ferrari engineering director told Autosport: "The cars are so complicated, it takes a while to get in and find the problems.

"It's harder getting to the bits you need to change than changing the bits themselves. I guess there's a certain level of familiarity with what we had in the past.

"I would have thought the things that have set us back and cost us four hours would have taken half the time, at a guess."

And Fry believes it is the length of time that it takes to fix issues that has led to claims that this year's cars are problematic.

He added: "Once you've got the car running, quite a few people have proven that they're actually quite reliable.

"It's getting it to the point where it is ready to do that that is the challenge. But that will come."

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