Domenicali urges Ferrari to 'react' as a team

Saturday 22-March-2014 09:07

Ferrari must react as a "team" to last Sunday's trouncing by Mercedes, that is the opinion of team boss Stefano Domenicali.

Although Ferrari had a solid pre-season, when it all came down to it at the first race of the Championship the Scuderia found their F14T lacking.

Fernando Alonso could only manage fifth on the grid while an accident meant Kimi Raikkonen started in 11th place.

Despite both drivers finishing inside the points, fourth and seventh respectively, at no stage of the grand prix did it appear as if Ferrari had the pace to challenge for the podium never mind the win.

But rather than point fingers, Domenicali has urged all at Ferrari to work together towards finding a solution.

"It is a matter of everyone doing their job and being focused on what they have to do at home, without trying to say that it is your fault or my fault," he explained to Autosport.

"As a team we must react together - and that is what I have asked all my engineers and people."

The Italian added that Ferrari also need to improve their engine after Alonso lacked the power needed to make inroads on those ahead.

"It is an area that we have to improve," he added.

"The more power you have, the less you stay on full throttle - so you have many benefits on the fuel consumption side. The cat has to bite the tail.

"We have to improve a lot and I don't want to focus on that, because also the car has to be improved."

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