Alonso keeping quiet in engine debate

Friday 28-March-2014 01:53

Fernando Alonso is unwilling to weigh in on F1's engine noise debate as whatever he says will be held against him.

Speaking to the press on Thursday ahead of the Malaysian GP, reigning World Champion Sebastian Vettel hit out at the new quieter sound of the 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 engines.

It is "s**t" said the four-time Champ, adding that it's a "shame" fans are missing out on the "feeling of the ground vibrating" that he experienced as a child.

Hours later, though, Vettel was basically told to either stop complaining or "go and race something else" by McLaren's Jenson Button.

As such, it's no wonder Alonso isn't willing to voice his opinion on the subject.

"This is a very uncomfortable matter to speak about, because if I say I like this Formula 1, I will be criticised because this is no longer Formula 1 for the fans," he said.

"If I say I don't like this Formula 1, the fans will criticise because I only like [it] when I win."

Alonso, though, does believe that everyone should give it more time before passing judgement.

"I think we need to give more time to see how the races are, how the show is, and how people react from this new Formula 1," he told Autosport.

"We need a little bit more time to understand the disappointment of the Australian race from the fans point of view, because the race was not probably as we thought.

"When 15 cars finish [with] not many problems, and not many overtaking moves, maybe we were not expecting that.

"So we need to give a little more time; maybe here we will have a fantastic race [and a] fantastic show."

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