Briatore: It's not our Formula 1

Thursday 12-June-2014 13:49

A third of the way into the new season and Flavio Briatore says he is not enjoying the sport's new regulations.

This season, F1 swapped from 2.4-litre V8s to 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 engines while fuel economy also came to the fore.

There were a lot of complaints about both in the opening races, although of late those voices have grown quiet.

However, one that remains unhappy with the situation is former team boss Briatore.

"I do not like this new Formula One," the Italian said. "It's not our Formula 1."

He pointed a finger at cars that "do not make a noise", drivers having to "save fuel" and "fake overtaking".

He added: "It is no longer a sport of gladiators, it is a sport of accountants."

The Italian also weighed in on Ferrari's dismal season, saying the team is suffering because they are based in Italy.

"Ferrari is in a deep crisis this year and has lost the chance of recovery," Briatore told Mix24 on Radio 24.

"Ferrari is paying for the location as Maranello is definitely not the centre of the tech world, that's England."

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