Ferrari doing 'level best' to improve

Wednesday 18-June-2014 10:04

James Allison feels Ferrari have "marginally" closed the gap to the front runners in recent races and will continue trying to do so.

With just one podium finish to their tally since the start of this season, the 2014 Championship is yet again proving a difficult one for Ferrari.

The Italian stable has fallen well short of the pace-setting Mercedes while also losing ground to the quickly-improving Red Bull outfit.

But despite their woes, Allison is confident Ferrari are making progress.

"Every season is dominated by the efforts back at the factory to try to improve the package," said the technical director.

"If you're in front you work to stay in front and if you're not, then your efforts are aimed at moving your way up the grid.

"Currently, we're doing our level best across every aspect of the car: mechanically, aerodynamically, electronically, every single component, set up wise, everything we can do to try to improve is being done.

"In recent races we have brought more upgrades than usual to the track and this has improved our position marginally. We just need to keep fighting the same fight, we have upgrade plans race by race.

"If we do a good job with all of those, it will start to tell and we will start to see Ferrari run more consistently relatively to the opposition.

"But it's not an easy fight, and it's a fight that never ends."

Looking ahead to the next race, the Austrian GP at the Red Bull Ring, the Brit believes getting the most out of the supersoft tyre in qualifying will be the key to success.

"We will have the soft and supersoft Pirellis, just as we did in the last two races," he said.

"We cannot be sure what to expect but, as at any of the tracks this year, management of the Option in qualifying will be extremely important.

"You need to ensure you get the tyre prepared for a hot lap in Q2, while being sure the tyre can then cope with the first stint of the race."

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