De la Rosa unhappy with reduced testing

Friday 11-July-2014 05:43

Pedro de la Rosa is disappointed that Formula 1 is yet again reducing in-season testing with two outings in 2015.

The World Motor Sport Council recently gave the go-ahead to changes in the testing regulations.

Next year teams will have three pre-season tests and just two in-season tests of two days each, while in 2016 even the pre-season outings will be reduced with only two tests each lasting four days.

De la Rosa is unhappy with the new rules as he fears it will mean there is no place for development drivers such as himself while youngsters will struggle to get into the sport.

"It's a disappointment generally for drivers," de la Rosa told Autosport. "You just question if this is going in the right direction.

"I come out of Maranello every week having been two days in the simulator and I see a nice track there called Fiorano just empty with no cars.

"We have the simulator to train you a bit, but there's nothing like the real car.

"I feel if a tennis player cannot train every day and then suddenly you are thrown into the final of Wimbledon against Djokovic, how would you feel?

"I feel like that because the other guys are racing every two weeks and I am not.

"I feel a bit sad about this [reduction in testing] because it will mean drivers like me will just disappear, and not only that but youngsters will not arrive.

"A bit of agreed testing for all the teams would be good for the sport."

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