'Real rivals are outside, not inside'

Thursday 04-April-2013 09:28

There won't be any Christmas cards exchanged between the Red Bull drivers, however, Christian Horner is confident they will still work together for the good of the team.

Red Bull head into next weekend's Chinese GP under a cloud as many are wondering whether Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel can come back from their Malaysian feud.

The relationship between the two suffered a blow last time out when Vettel ignored team orders to snatch the Sepang victory from his Australian team-mate.

Horner, though, maintains that the disagreement has been resolved and that any lingering tension will not hurt Red Bull in future grands prix.

Horner told Sky Sports F1: "Both of them know what the team's views were of Malaysia. It is something that has been discussed, something that has been addressed.

"They know the real opponents sit outside of the team, not inside the team. All the success we have achieved has come working as a group, as a unit, and that will continue.

"Yes, there will be competition. I don't expect them to be spending Christmas together or anything like that.

"But they are professional individuals who will work to ensure we keep moving forward. They will feed off each other, push each other, and ultimately that brings the best out of them.

"Sebastian brings the best out of Mark, and Mark brings the best out of Sebastian because they push each other so hard."

'I don't expect them to be spending Christmas together or anything like that...'Christian Horner

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