Webber: Test didn't affect Monaco result

Thursday 30-May-2013 12:11

Mark Webber believes Mercedes would have won the Monaco GP even without their controversial Pirelli test.

While rivals headed home in the wake of the Spanish Grand Prix, Mercedes remained at the Circuit de Catalunya to run a three-day test with Pirelli.

At the very next race, Monte Carlo, the Brackley squad claimed their first race win of the Championship.

And although Merc's rivals are unhappy with the 'secret' test, Webber reckons it had little impact on the result of the Monaco weekend.

"It's a fair question, [and] I think we were probably a little bit surprised that it happened, but I don't think it probably had a huge bearing on today's result," quoted the Red Bull racer as having said.

"I think their car was always going to perform pretty well round here, to be fair.

"You can't unlearn what went on at the test, obviously, so we need to see how it came about and whether it's within the rules or not.

"I'm sure Mercedes thought it was okay, so that's why they did it. Time will tell, but I don't think it affected the result."

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