Webber: No regrets

Thursday 27-June-2013 15:56

Mark Webber says he will walk away from Formula One without any regrets after signing a deal to join Porsche in Le Mans.

Webber announced on Thursday that he would be leaving Red Bull Racing and F1 at the end of this season. However, instead of the news being broken by Red Bull, it came from Porsche.

The Aussie, though, denied that it was a snub at Red Bull, insisting that while those back at the factory were not aware of his decision, team boss Christian Horner was.

"It was a Porsche announcement," he said. "I informed Christian before the announcement which contractually I should do, and that is what we did.

"It was about Porsche and Mark Webber today.

"I think I helped the team today; they have to make some decisions for the future."

He added that Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz has always been in the know about his future.

"Dietrich has been completely up to speed with my thinking in the last few months, he has been on board, and encouraged me not to rush my decision when I approached him earlier this season," the Australian said.

"I think basically we went through all the right channels and avenues to get the message across and it was done in the right way."

The talks with Porsche had been going on for a while despite the announcement only coming on Thursday.

"The decision has been there for quite some time," he said.

"There's lot of reasons that come into the pot when any sportsman or woman comes to that time in their career when they want to call it a day. That's another small ingredient.

"There's going to be big, big changes in the sport next year so I may as well going to do those big, big changes where my future's going to be.

"So let's see how the category is next year in Formula 1. I'll be interested to watch every now and then and watch these guys do their stuff."

And the 36-year-old, who has vowed to "push until Brazil", is confident he will walk away from Formula One at the end of this season without any regrets even though he was "leading the Championship at the wrong race."

As for who he reckons should replace him as Sebastian Vettel's 2014 team-mate, Webber would not weigh in other than to say that he will "watch with interest."

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