Red Bull fined 30,000 Euros

Sunday 07-July-2013 17:13

Red Bull have been fined €30,000 for the unsafe pit release of Mark Webber's car during the German Grand Prix.

Cameraman Paul Allen is recovering in hospital after he was hit by a tyre that had detached from Webber's car. Allen is believed to have suffered a broken shoulder and broken ribs.

Webber was released from the pits before the tyre had been properly secured. It was immediately announced that the stewards would investigate the incident after the race and they have now handed down their judgement.

"The Stewards, having received a report from Race Director, heard from a team representative, examined video evidence, have considered the following matter, and determine a breach of the regulations has been committed by the competitor named below and impose the penalty referred to.

No/Driver 2-Mark Webber
Competitor Infiniti Red Bull Racing
Time 14:17
Session Race
Fact Unsafe release from a Pit Stop.
Offence Breach of Article 23.12 of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations.
Decision The competitor (Infiniti Red Bull Racing) is fined €30,000.
Reason The team released car 2 before all wheels were safely fitted and the right rear wheel came off as the car left the pit stop position. The wheel passed four teams and struck a camera operator causing injury."

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