'Webber, Alonso almost escaped sanctions'

Friday 27-September-2013 09:33

Derek Warwick says Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso would have walked free had it not been for additional CCTV footage showing the 'danger'...

Together the two drivers produced arguably the highlight of last Sunday's Singapore Grand Prix as Alonso gave Webber a lift back to the pits on the side of his Ferrari after the Aussie's RB9 caught fire at the end of the race.

The images looked fantastic and the fans loved it, something the stewards acknowledged - then they were handed CCTV footage of the moment Webber caught his taxi.

The Red Bull racer is clearly seen running across the track to Alonso, who has stopped his F138 on a corner, while one after the other the two Mercedes drivers have to take avoiding action to miss the pair.

Webber and Alonso were both reprimanded by the stewards with it being Webber's third of the season, earning the Red Bull racer an automatic 10-place grid penalty for the next race in Korea.

"Obviously I have seen what everyone has seen on the world feed and everyone has seen Mark being driven back by the Ferrari and what is wrong with that?" Warick told Sky Sports F1 Show.

"I have to say there is nothing wrong with that and I have taken lifts in the past and given lifts in the past.

"Whether or not the FIA do something about that I don't know, but I personally, and the stewards, saw nothing wrong with that."

That, though, was Warwick's opinion before the additional footage came in.

"We were about to leave the room when race control gave us some more footage of the way it had been executed and when we saw the footage I have to say it was dangerous - dangerous on several levels.

"First of all the rules state that you cannot leave the side of the circuit if you have broken down or blown up - as Mark did - without the permission of the marshals and Mark left without the permission of the marshals.

"He ran to the edge of the circuit and waved down Kimi [Raikkonen] and Fernando and they both slowed down. Kimi obviously just went on, but that left Fernando in the centre of the circuit, on the exit of a third-gear corner and then Mark ran across the track to get on the left-hand side of the Ferrari, then in came Nico Rosberg in the Mercedes, just missing him.

"Mark then climbed onto the Ferrari and then Lewis arrived and nearly went up the back of the Ferrari. So there were two potential dangerous situations there for Mark."

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